Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


I have to get a new bridge and for some reason I feel I need a 2nd option or may need to go with someone else. Do you see patients for that? I know you will have to take xrays.

Sure. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to set-up appointment for you: 512-256-8006.

Do you do in-house teeth whitening?

Yes, we do provide different dental whitening services. You can find more information about our whitening products at

Do you place dental implants at your place?

Yes, we do offer dental implant services to our patients. More information about dental implant services can be found at

Do you take PPO insurance?

We do accept and file most PPO insurances as a courtesy to our patients. That being said, it is patients responsibility to check their coverage before scheduling your visits. You can schedule your appointments online by visiting our website at

Do you accept Cigna or Sun Life dental insurance plan?

We accept all dental PPO plans including Cigna Ppo and Sunlife PPO. Lists of insurances can be found on our website at We do not accept Medicaid/Medicare or HMO plans.

I recently had my family Austin dentist of 15+ yrs attempt a root canal on me but I had him stop midway, as it was too painful. I will not be going back to him to complete it. Does your office have the capabilities to sedate, complete root a canal?

Thanks for your question! Our general dentist can IV sedate for root canals if it is front teeth and bicuspids. If it is your back molar than it will need to be seen by our root canal specialist and he currently do not have IV sedation permit. You might want to schedule for consult so we can do evaluation and go over with different options that fits your need. Hope that answers your question.

What do y’all charge for exam/xrays?

We charge $59 for exam/xrays.

Do you provide any kind of sedation dentistry?

Hi! We provide IV sedation (twilight sleep) for surgical procedures such as extractions, wisdom teeth removal etc. We do offer laughing gas as well for most procedures if you desire. You can find more info at

Do you take walk-in emergencies?

Yes, our office has three full-time general dentists most times which enables us to see walk-in patients on most days. Feel free to give us a call to see how we can help you! 512-256-0105.

Do you serve Buda?

Hi, Yes we do proudly serve Buda, Kyle, San Marcos as well as Austin! Feel free to give us a call 512-256-0105

Do you offer consultations?

Hi, yes we do. All of our specifics can be found here