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Infected teeth are one of the most painful experiences that could occur in your lifetime. The teeth are living features of the mouth, made up of an inner and outer layer. The inner layer contains the roots, tissues, and blood supply to keep the tooth alive, and the outer layer is made of enamel to protect the inner layer. While enamel is the hardest substance within the human body, it is not invincible. Cavities, decay, infection, and trauma can all cause a tooth to become vulnerable to irreparable damage. Root canals are often performed on damaged teeth to save the teeth and alleviate pain.

Misconceptions of root canals often lead to people avoiding necessary treatment. What you truly need to understand is that root canals are not painful – damaged teeth are painful! The teeth are unlike many other areas of the body in that they do not heal themselves. A chipped tooth will not grow back; a cavity will not disappear; an infection will not go away. If damage to a tooth is left untreated, the pain will become unbearable and the damage so great that the tooth will not be able to be saved. With the correct knowledge of root canals, people can feel confident with the intervention knowing that they are protecting their oral health.

Root canals are performed under local anesthesia so that patients do not feel any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. Dr. Mahesh Dholariya and his dental team offer compassionate and comfortable care to patients to ensure that their comfort needs are met. Once the damaged tooth area is anesthetized, root canals follow a series of steps:

  1. The tooth is opened in order to reach the damaged or infected area.
  2. The entire inside of the tooth is cleaned out, including all tooth roots.
  3. Antibiotics are administered to prevent any infection from spreading throughout the mouth.
  4. The tooth is filled and sealed to protect it from future damage.

At Kyle Parkway Dentistry, Dr. Dholariya and his entire dental team are proud to offer excellence in dentistry to all patients. If you have any type of tooth or oral pain, please do not put off seeking treatment. The sooner intervention is given, the greater your chance for a simple solution.

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