Please Call With Any Type Of Toothache

Kyle TX Dentist for Toothaches

At Kyle Parkway Dentistry, we understand that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist. We also understand that everyone has a full schedule, leaving little room for emergencies. Yet, if you have any type of toothache, we encourage you to call us as quickly as possible. You see, the mouth is a very complex system of the human body, and unlike most other areas of the body, an infection inside the mouth will not heal itself. It requires intervention in a timely manner in order to protect your health and save your smile.

What you need to fully comprehend about a toothache is that a toothache is really a symptom of a greater issue. The teeth should not hurt of their own accord; they hurt when an issue is causing them to hurt. Your body was designed to alert you when something is awry so that you can take care of the problem. This is exactly what a toothache is: an indication of an issue that needs to be addressed.

There are three main causes of a toothache:

  • A piece of food stuck between the tooth and gum line. There are countless people who have gone to the dentist because a tooth was painful only to learn that a popcorn kernel was stuck below the gum line. While many of these patients feel silly, their dentists are very glad that they came in. Any food that is trapped in the mouth, unable to be removed, will begin to rot. Rotting food leads to a serious infection. Better to address the small issue than a bigger one.
  • A cracked tooth. Cracks in the teeth are generally caused by biting down or crunching on a hard substance. Ice and hard candies are notorious for causing a person to crack a tooth. The pain of a cracked tooth comes from the pressure of biting opening up the crack and exposing the sensitive roots of the tooth. Most minor cracks can be treated with a normal filling, while more serious cracks will need further treatment.
  • Infection or decay. When infection or decay reaches the inner layers of the tooth, an excruciating toothache will occur. A root canal or extraction are often necessary to treat this serious concern. However, most tooth infections and tooth decay can be prevented by early intervention.

At Kyle Parkway Dentistry, we want you to call us with any type of toothache. No issue is too small!

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