Root canal specialist (Endodontist) in Kyle TX

Kyle Parkway Dentistry is a modern dental practice that provides comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages. Dr. Mahesh Dholariya is proud to welcome his newest team member, Dr. Jose Arevalo, an experienced Endodontist who specializes in gentle root canal treatments ranging from simple to complex cases. Dr. Arevalo shares the mission of Kyle Parkway Dentistry, which is to provide state-of-the-art dentistry in an environment that is comfortable and relaxing.

Dr. Jose Arevalo earned his Endodontics degree from The University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He also served as a clinical instructor for dental students before opening his private practice. He will be able to provide in-house Endodontic services, including simple to complex root canal treatments, to patients at Kyle Parkway Dentistry. Along with his certification in Endodontics, he has also received implant certification from the Boston Implant Institute.

Dr. Arevalo is committed to pursuing ongoing professional development through continuing education.

“I’m thrilled to bring my Endodontics expertise to such a highly respected dental practice. With an additional dentist and expanded services, Kyle Parkway Dentistry can truly maximize patient care and convenience,” says Dr. Arevalo.

About Kyle Parkway Dentistry:

Kyle Parkway Dentistry offers an expansive menu of dental services, including general and restorative dentistry as well as periodontal care and cosmetic dental procedures. The practice mission is to provide state-of the-art dentistry while adhering to each patient’s need for comfort and convenience. They offer a number of relaxing office amenities and provide flexible scheduling such as family block appointments and Saturday hours. IV Sedation dentistry are also now offered at Kyle Parkway Dentistry for Oral Surgery cases.

For more information about Dr. Jose Arevalo from Kyle Parkway Dentistry, visit the practice website at or call (512) 256-0105.