Dental Insurance: Usual and Customary Rates. Kyle Dentist office

Dental Insurance: Usual and Customary Rates. Kyle Dentist office   You call your insurance company to ask about your dental benefits. The representative at XYZ Insurance Company tells you that your insurance pays at 100% of usual and customary rates for preventive services. “Great,” you think to yourself, and happily schedule an examination and cleaning … Continued

New Year, New You!

To celebrate 2019, we created an infographic explaining the health benefits of smiling. And since it’s the start of a new year, why don’t you make a resolution to smile more often? Did you know: 80% of us would be more likely to talk to somebody we didn’t know if they smiled at us. When … Continued

Dentist near me in Kyle, Buda, San Marcos

Looking for “dentist near me in Kyle TX” ? Call Kyle Dentists office 512-256-0105.   Patients who received personalized, understanding dental care are more likely to maintain good oral health. Dentists who use treatments and technologies designed to help the patient relax help create an environment of trust. At Kyle Parkway Dentistry, we have conducted … Continued

Oral Cancer: Don’t Ignore the Symptoms

One of the scariest things about cancer is that it can affect just about anyone. While oral cancer is often most attributed to tobacco users, those are not the only people who can be affected. Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells anywhere inside the body, and this disease can target even the healthiest … Continued

Please Call With Any Type Of Toothache

At Kyle Parkway Dentistry, we understand that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist. We also understand that everyone has a full schedule, leaving little room for emergencies. Yet, if you have any type of toothache, we encourage you to call us as quickly as possible. You see, the mouth is a very complex system of … Continued

Fluoride Treatments to Protect Your Smile

Many people think that good oral health is hard to come by. They often put off taking care of their teeth because they think that it takes too long, it is too much trouble, or they simply do not want to do it. Well, just like everything else in life, if you want something good … Continued

Make Dental Visits a Priority

Some things are easy to prioritize, while others are not. For instance, eating, sleeping, going to work, and paying bills on time are relatively easy priorities to keep. However, there are other things that you know you should prioritize, yet you do not always do so: eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and keeping regular … Continued

Gum Recession

Gum tissue is an overlooked, yet very important, feature of your mouth. The gums not only help to hold the teeth securely in place, but they also protect the roots of the teeth from damage. Whenever there is damage to the gums it leaves the teeth vulnerable, which is why it is always advised that … Continued

Developing a Good Dental Routine

When it comes to achieving goals, having a routine set in place can help you achieve those goals faster and more thoroughly. A routine is simply a plan that is created and implemented, not complicated, but easy to use. Many people create exercise and diet routines to help them lose weight, while others create a … Continued

Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Oral Health

With every drag on a cigarette or cigar, with every wad of chew that you put into your mouth, with any kind of tobacco use – significant damage is being done to your health. In fact, when it comes to bad habits, few are worse than tobacco use. Tobacco users are far more vulnerable to … Continued