Most people know that pop isn’t great for our teeth. What lots of us don’t know, however, is exactly how damaging it can be.

According to one recent study, drinking large quantities of soda may be as detrimental to human teeth as using crack cocaine or methamphetamine. 

sodas effect on teeth

Let that sink in for a moment.

So, why are sodas so damaging? The answer is acid. Carbonated sodas create a chemical reaction in your mouth, which allows the plaque on your teeth to create more acid. The acid then goes to work on your dental enamel, leading to rapid decay and discoloration. Finally, sodas can stain teeth and cause dry mouth – both of which wreak dental health havoc. 

Also, when it comes to acidic diet, frequency of consumption is more important than quantity. For instance, constantly sipping soda through out day is going to be more harmful than drinking same amount of sodas at once with your lunch. Of course it is still not good for your body but that would take other blog post to explain 🙂 

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